Fannin Co. qualifies for Safe Room Rebate Program

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FANNIN CO., TX -- Fannin County is offering residents help to pay for their own safe rooms and emergency shelters.

The County will now reimburse residents half the cost of the purchase and installation of a certified safe room -- up to $3,000 per shelter.

A grant from the State of Texas and FEMA will help cover the cost.

"We applied for it because of the number of tornadoes that were coming real close to this area, especially the ones up in Oklahoma," Emergency Manager, Darrell Brewer said. "So, when this became available we just thought it would be a very good thing for the citizens of our county."

A public meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday at the Bonham Housing Authority. If you're interested in applying, call the Fannin County Office of Emergency Management at 903-640-8484.

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