Fannin County Children's Center urges parental awareness

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BONHAM, TX -- After the arrest of a Bonham childcare co-owner the Fannin County Children's Center urges parents to be pro-active when selecting a childcare provider.

Angel Safe Childcare was shut down after allegations of child abuse against owner John Duncan.

The children's center's executive director, Sandy Barber, says parents need to do their research before sending their kids to a daycare. Including checking policies, observing operations, and asking if background checks have been performed on all staff.

Sandy Barber say, "I think it's a terrible thing, because parents have trusted their children at this place and now they're finding out that maybe their children weren't safe there. Often times in cases like these when it comes out there are people who just can't believe that this happened."

John Duncan co-owner of Angel Safe Childcare in Bonham has been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.

He has been released from the Fannin county jail.