Fannin County leaders discuss courthouse safety issues

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FANNIN COUNTY, TX --The recent shooting death of Kaufman County District Attorney and his wife has Fannin County working to amp up their own security.

After the recent shootings in Kaufman County, Fannin County District Attorney Richard Glaser is concerned.

"We have to wear a lot of different hats in that office and provide space for a lot of different people. When you mix them together, it's like oil and water sometimes, it doesn't mix," said Glaser.

Glaser says the Fannin County Courthouse has minimal security measures in place. Two people appearing before a judge on separate charges fled the courthouse in the past year alone.

But, since the Kaufman shootings, security has become priority number one.

"These events and the fact that there have been more than one, makes everybody more aware of what goes on around us every day," said Glaser.

Fannin County Judge, Spanky Carter is in favor of more security for the courthouse. But how much they can afford is the primary issue.

"Our funds are somewhat limited. So we have to look at what we can do with the funds that we have. Safety is a top priority with the commissioner’s court here in Fannin County. And we'll do everything that we can to make our citizens and employees feel safe as possible," said Carter.

During the next Commissioners Court meeting on Monday, Glaser and Carter say they will outline at least one proposal to make the courthouse more secure.

"We'll put a plan together and we'll do as much as we can to make the courthouse as safe as we can," said Carter.

Both officials say more security will be in place in the near future, but could not confirm a specific date.

"We've been looking at it for over a year, but I think this is going to heighten awareness and push them off dead center. That's why I'm pushing for these changes in my office this Monday," said Glaser.

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