Fannin County reminding residents of new voting laws

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(FANNIN COUNTY, TEXAS) -- Texas has adopted one of the most strict voter I.D laws in the nation. Fannin County officials are reminding residents of the new regulations, months before voters head to the polls, but not everyone is happy with the law.

Fannin County Clerk Tammy Biggar is reminding voters of the new state-wide voting regulations. " So if you come into vote, whether or not you have your voter's certificate with you, we must have a photo I.D"

New regulations requiring photo I.D were passed during the last legislative session. Voters must show their Texas driver's license or state I.D., election identification certificate, concealed handgun license or military I.D.

Tammy Biggar says, " but keep in mind your veteran's card cannot be used because it doesn't have an expiration date on it."

The new regulations have stirred up controversy nationwide. In 2011, the Justice Department sued the state of Texas for the law but in June the Supreme Court ruled in favor of voter I.D laws. Attorney General Eric Holder is still fighting the law because he believes it's discriminatory.

Eric Holder " intentional racial discrimination that was presented just last year in the redistricting case of Texas V. Holder as well as the history of pervasive voting related discrimination against racial minorities."

Bonham resident Jay Hinton thinks the law is for the best.
"I believe that this would go a long way to eliminating voter fraud."

But others don't think it's a good idea.

Emily Austin " I think it is punitive, I believe, I believe it is designed to limit the people who vote."

Dallas County commissioners voted Wednesday afternoon to sue Governor Rick Perry over the law.

Biggar reminds voters that if they fail to present a photo I.D. At the polls they can still vote, but will have to return to do so.

Tammy Biggar, " what's called a provisional vote, but that allows you to come back and give us a photo id 6 days within the election."