Fannin County volunteers practice disaster drills

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FANNIN COUNTY, TX -- A group of Fannin County volunteers practiced what they would do in a county-wide disaster Wednesday.

In a disaster situation, the Fannin County Sheriff's Office is the designated emergency operations center.

It's secure, and equipped with an emergency power source.

The support group would help run the center in a disaster.

They've been practicing with emergency drills like this one twice each month.

In a real emergency, the county judge and commissioners, city leaders, and law enforcement would meet here to make decisions.

Darrell Brewer with Fannin County Emergency Management said, "This group assists them in setting up the room, operating the audio visual equipment, providing the administrative things so that our decision makers can do what they were elected to do and that's make the decisions on how to take care of the situation."

Brewer says later this summer they plan to participate in a complete drill including community and county leaders and law enforcement.