Fannin County gets new Code Red system

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FANNIN COUNTY, TEXAS -- Fannin County has a new way to notify residents in an emergency.

"Fannin County was able to get a Homeland Security grant and that's how we're just now getting the code red system here in Fannin County," Brewer said.

Right now in Fannin County, the only way they can alert people of an emergency is with sirens. The new code red system brings notifications through all wavelengths.

"Text message, voicemail, emails... It makes it so valuable. Everyone that has a cell phone or a computer will get notified immediately," Brewer said.

Fannin County is catching up to other counties in the area who have already been using the code red system.

"I know Grayson County has it. I think Carter County over in Oklahoma has it. Several others have it.," Brewer said.

Fannin County residents say they're excited about the new cell phone alerts because they're more reliable.

"If the power goes out at the house and the TV goes out, we won't know what's going on, but cell phones usually work," Fannin County resident Terry Siler said.

In Fannin County.. Allison Harris.. First News.

To give Fannin County's code red system your contact information, visit:

Also, there's a code red smartphone app for smartphone users to download.

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