Texoma farmers looking for Isaac rains after drought

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As people along the Gulf Coast prepare for a possible hurricane, farmers in Texoma don't really have to worry.

Farmers had an early harvest this year, with 95 percent of the crops already harvested.

Ben Wible, Grayson County Farm Bureau President, said farmers could have seen some damage from the heavy rains and winds a hurricane could bring in this direction.

He said any other year farmers would be worried about the potential for crop loss right now.

But without crops to worry about, he said farmers are just happy to see some rain.

"It would refill our stock tanks, recharge the sub-soil moisture," he said. "And get our soil ready for planting. In about a month we'll start planting wheat. We have to have some moisture for that to happen."

Wible said he doesn't know exactly why the harvest was so early this year, but says he attributes it to last year's extended drought.

"We never turn down the chance for rain here in Texas," he said.

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