Wild hogs cause damage to Texoma cemetery

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BONHAM, TX - The final resting place for former Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn, Willow Wild Cemetery in Bonham, has a pig problem.

For a week now wild hogs have been rooting up the 135-year old cemetery, a neighbor says he's sighted nearly 30 hogs.

"Feral hogs are like chiggers in Texas, it's nearly an uncontrollable nuisance." said Bonham Resident, Cindy Baker Burnett.

The main damage is on the southwest side of the cemetery, but every day and night that passes locals say the feral pigs move further into the cemetery.

"And every day when we come out here, we see that they are traveling further north, across the road that divides the cemetery, so it's just getting worse." said Baker Burnett.

According to Willow Wild Cemetery Association treasurer, James McComas, Bonham animal control does not have the necessary equipment to handle the hogs. Some worry that trapping the wild hogs wouldn't work due to the amount of hogs in the area.

"Trapping, when you've got 30 at once, it's just nearly insurmountable." said Baker Burnett.

Since the cemetery is inside the city limits, no one can hunt the pigs.

Bonham police have been driving around the cemetery during the graveyard shifts in an attempt to scare off the hogs.

The Willow Wild Cemetery Association has a mediation hearing next Wednesday in hopes of taking over the management of the cemetery. They say they're committed to solving the problem, however long it takes.

"The people that have loved ones there, if they will just bare with us we will find a solution to it, one way or another." said Willow Wild Cemetery Association Treasurer James McComas.