Fiance speaks about tragic death of Delta County Deputy

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DELTA COUNTY, Texas - For the seven years Kevin Wingfield, Jr. was involved in law enforcement and left positive impressions on almost everyone he met with his cowboy charm.

His fiance Jennifer Mason knew from their first date something special would happen.

"We were soul mates." said Mason. "The first day we met it was like we knew each other forever."

Mason says the two had been together for two years and were recently engaged just last month. She says its hard to move on without him.

"If I didn't have my son, I wouldn't. He is my saving grace, because without Kevin I wouldn't make it."

Wingfield leaves behind an eight-year-old son Steven and also leaves behind Mason's three-year-old son John Roberts, who Mason hopes will grow up to be just like Kevin.

"His values is what I want John Robert to grow up with." said Mason.

Officials believe Wingfield had a seizure while behind the wheel, but an autopsy is being performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Mason says she knew he had plenty of friends, but was surprised how many people reached out supporting her.

"He always talked about the brotherhood of being a police officer." said Mason. "You never really think about it until something like this happens and then you see how close they all are."

Mason says Wingfield was born to be in law enforcement and loved helping people and getting drugs off the streets.

"That's what he lived for, he loved it."

Delta County Sheriff's Office will be honor guards at his funeral. Services will be held at 11 am Saturday at the Cross Trails Cowboy Church in Fairlie.

The Delta County Sheriff’s Department is assisting his family by collecting donations to help with expenses.

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