Firearms stolen from Wapanucka home

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WAPANUCKA, OK-- A Wapanucka family is feeling uneasy after nearly $5,000 worth of firearms were stolen from their home while they slept inside.

"Its devastating and troubling to know that people enter your home and knowing you are at home and asleep they doing something like this. [It] causes lots of stress," homeowner, Jerry Mason said.

Prior to the burglary, the family had a full cabinet of rifles and guns. Now, it is completely empty.

"That many guns in one burglary is quite a number and hopefully they won't be used in anything illegal," Mason said.

The Masons believe two people broke into their home late last Wednesday night through a small opening in a bedroom window. They then navigated their way straight to the gun cabinet in the back bedroom.

Johnston County sheriff's deputies have issued an arrest warrant for one suspect Jeremy Chavers - a 21-year-old Texas man. Sheriff John Smith says they don't think he stuck around after the break-in.

"What I understand. The information that we've gathered. This person left Wapanucka the next morning and went to Texas," said Sheriff John Smith of Johnston County.

Now, the Mason family struggles to regain the peace of mind that was stolen along with the firearms.

"We're not too concerned with the value of the property," said Jerry Mason, "That's replaceable but the bad part is that people have the nerve and audacity to enter your home while you are asleep."