Sherman firefighters entertain kids for fire safety

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Sherman firefighters spent their week entertaining elementary school kids, teaching them fire safety.

"This is one of the things the kids absolutely love is when they are entertained by them. So they absolutely love it," Neblett Elementary School counselor Vickie Giger said.

These clowns cover many topics.

"Pedestrian safety, cross at a crosswalk, not in the middle of the street, stranger danger, don't go with strangers, tools and toys, don't play with tools, call 911 if you have an emergency, smoke detectors..." Sherman Fire Department Captain Mason Beaver said.

And the kids love it!

"Kids, when they watch a show like this, they actually learn more than just reading out of a book and it's so entertaining for them that when they go back to class, they actually discuss it and they learn a lot from it," Giger said.

Captain Beaver, a.k.a Booster the clown, says these performances bring him a lot of joy.

"I have been a clown for six years, been a fireman for seven and a half. Watching the kids learn and having a good time, being with the other guys that enjoy teaching children," Beaver said.

These shows have proven helpful for at least one child.

"First day back to school, she told her principal that hey we had a fire and the clowns told us to get out and stay out, I got out and went to our meeting place. I mean, if one life is all we can save, that's plenty for me," Beaver said.

For more fire safety tips, visit or contact the Sherman Fire Department.

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