Firefighters plan to stay busy this 4th of July

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ARDMORE, OK--As wildfires devastate Colorado, Firefighters in Texoma said they are concerned about the potential of firework related fires this Fourth of July.

When it comes to firework displays, the fourth of July soars the highest and burns the brightest so it is no surprise that firefighters are urging the public to be cautious.

"We don't want have to work anymore than we normally do on the fourth of July" said Ardmore Fire Captain Dave Tomlinson.

Firefighters said due to recent severe drought conditions across the nation it is important to play it safe this year.

"Conditions are right for any kind of spark or flame to set off. We got dry conditions, low humidity, high temperatures, it's been generally windy and we are worried" said Tomlinson.

Firefighters ask that you limit your use of fireworks that can shoot off into the distance beyond your reach.

"You may have a garden hose here to fight any kind of small fire but those things are hundreds of feet away" said Tomlinson.

Michael Cescolini works at the MSW fireworks stand in Ardmore. He said fire safety is important but to also remember the basic fireworks safety tips.

"Be cautious take pride in what you're doing, watch children, never let children play with fireworks by themselves unsupervised, never point and shoot fireworks towards or near any people" said Cescolini.

Most know it is illegal to shoot off fireworks inside your city limits but in Ardmore it is against the law to even possess them in town and don't expect a warning if you are caught you will be issued a two hundred dollar citation.

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