Firework safety tips to keep in mind before Fourth of July

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SHERMAN, TX -- With the fourth of July just two days away, folks across Texoma are preparing to light up the skies with fireworks.

Before you set off those roman candles, even sparklers, there are some simple rules to follow to keep your family safe.

When we think of the fourth of July, fireworks are usually the first thing to come to mind.

Before you set them off, law enforcement wants to make sure you know the rules.

"If they are going to have them, they need to purchase them within the city ordinance," said Sergeant D.M. Hampton. "Something that's 5000 feet away from the city limits and then immediately take them to wherever they're gonna go safely to be able to fire those off."

Hampton with the Sherman Police Department says it is against city ordinance to have or set off fireworks in city limits and fines for possession can cost over $100.

Sherman Fire Chief Jeff Jones says if you do decide to light fireworks outside city limits, be aware of your surroundings.

"Fireworks can go off in a great distance," Jones said. "Bottle rockets and sky rockets and those sort of things go a great distance so you want to be aware of where they're going to land and what hazards are gonna be around. Avoid those places where there's high grass, dead grass, and any structures.

Jones says firefighters say they see fireworks injury calls even before Independence Day and usually see about a dozen fireworks injuries each fourth of July holiday.

Dr. Al Cardenas says those injuries can range from minor to very serious.

"Injuries to the hands, arms, injuries to the face, burns, injuries to the eyes, and smoke inhalation," Cardenas said.

Jones says if you are handling fireworks, don't touch them after they've gone off and give them time to cool down.

He says parents should also keep children far away from any lit fireworks or sparklers.

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