Fireworks sales up this season

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SHERMAN, TX -- With Fourth of July right around the corner, people all over are preparing to celebrate the birth of the country.

Fireworks World says that they have seen an increase of 75 percent from last seasons sales. Not only are they generating revenue, its all for a good cause.

Hunter Stone will be a senior at Sherman high school next year, and he's working at Fireworks World off of Highway 82 for his band.

"I do have fun. In fact, I asked off from work to come over here," said Stone.

For 8 years now, Fireworks World has been pairing with schools to help out various clubs and even the schools themselves raise money.

HUNTER: "they said work four shifts at this fireworks store and we'll give you a discount on our trip that we're going to go to."

And business this year for fireworks is up as well.

"It's directly related to the weather. The more water, the more sales there are for sure," said Jim Cooper, Co-Owner of Fireworks World.

But even with the celebrations, it is important to understand that there are rules.

In the city of Sherman, it is illegal to even drive through the city with fireworks in your possession.

"To buy them and bring them into the city, to either pop in the city or to save for a later date, by the letter of the law it is a violation," said Sherman Police Department Sergeant Bruce Dawsey.

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