Floating homes making waves at Lake Texoma

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POTTSBORO, TEXAS -- Talk about a lakefront property; these new floating homes at Harbor Village in Pottsboro couldn't get closer to the water.

"Simplified lake living," Rusty Wilson, who sells these floating homes, said.

"No lawn to mow?"

"Right, no grass, no upkeep on the house," Wilson said.

Wilson has already sold a dozen of these buoyant homes that start around $247,000, but he still has 143 of these homes on the market.

He advertises this 36-acre cove development as maintenance free lake living.

"Yeah, you come here and you enjoy the lake and you have your boat next door in the slip that's next to your house. The resort's responsible for all exterior maintenance," Wilson said.

About four years ago, the owners of Flowing Wells Resort & Marina embarked on this project after seeing floating homes in both Europe and British Columbia.

"It's not new as far as a concept, it's been done all over the world, but it's new to this area," Wilson said.

Wilson says many interested buyers are from the DFW metroplex; he attributes that to the 289 expansion, which he says linked them closer to that area. He says this is the next big thing for Lake Texoma.

It's peaking the interest of lake-goers like Jeff Hawkins.

"I pay exorbitant dockage fees for a large yacht and if you can combine that and actually have a piece of property that you can sell in the future and regain some of that then that becomes an investment," interested buyer Jeff Hawkins said.

"With this, you just walk straight out of your house onto your boat. So I think everyone's boat usage, that's involved in this project, is actually going to increase," Wilson said.

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