Flu season continues growing in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is one of 41 states that the CDC said is seeing the flu all over.

"I wouldn't know if they had the actual flu, but they had the symptoms and it's quite a few," said Ringling resident Terry Morris.

Morris has seen people all around him fall ill. According to the CDC, last week 64 people in Oklahoma were hospitalized with the flu. That brings the flu season total to 171.

So far two people in Oklahoma have died.

At Ardmore's Convenient Care Clinic physician assistant Brian Williams said he's seen at least 10 flu-positive patients a day.

"We've been seeing quite a few," Williams said. "And if we're seeing 70 in a day and 10 of them are positive for influenza, that's a good portion."

Some doctors have said this year's flu vaccine is a good match for the strains going around, but Williams said it hasn't covered some of the strains he's seeing.

"There's oftentimes a couple of different strains that may be going about," he said. "It might have helped with one, but we've been seeing that it hasn't helped with a lot of our patients."

But experts with the CDC say the shot is still the best way to try and flee the flu.

"I took the flu shot," said Morris. "I don't take any chances at my age."