Former NFL player delivers anti-bullying message to Sherman students

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SHERMAN, TX -- Former NFL player Devin Wyman dropped by Crutchfield Elementary Friday morning, delivering a message he hopes will have a lasting impact on these kids' lives.

"The strongest bars we ever face in life are not prison bars, but the bars on the inside. The bars of quitting, the bars of depression that leads to suicide," Wyman said.

And he took that bar metaphor literally, using a steel bar to lift two teachers like a dumbell - and later bending the same bar with his teeth.

"And I talk to them about getting rid of the bars in their life, the bars that hold them back from becoming great," he said.

Principal Jill O'Neal said it's important message they want to get across to the kids, one she hopes will stay with them.

"I hope that they take away that the choices they make on a daily basis will ultimately affect what career they chose, what path they take in life, and make them better citizens," she said.

It's a message they stress every day in the classroom, O'Neal said.

"But sometimes it's important for kids to hear from a role model, other than their teachers or their parents, so that's why we invited Mr. Wyman here today," she said.

And while Wyman says keeping kids attentive is difficult, he's up to the challenge.

"Any kid, whenever you're speaking truth to them, you're gonna get their attention. And I've been blessed with a gift to meet them where they are, and just uplift them, and hopefully they can hold on to one of the powerful quotes that were released through me to transform their life," he said.

It's a message of staying strong, never giving up and never letting others hold you back.

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