Former Sherman Mayor Bill Magers wins Grayson Co. Judge race

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - The battle between former Sherman Mayor Bill Magers and Grayson County treasurer Trent Bass, for the highly contested judge seat, is over.

Bill Magers won the election by just over 200 votes.

His family joined him shortly after the announcement to take part in the celebration. No democrats are running so Magers is the new Grayson County judge.

News 12 caught up with him at the end of the night--to ask him about his plans for the county.

"We've talked about this throughout the campaign, the number one issue facing Grayson County is bringing good quality jobs back to Grayson County. What I want to do is go to work for the residents of Grayson County, and leave the County better than we found it," said Magers.

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