Former mayor indicted for federal crime

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MELISSA, TEXAS -- A local mayor who served for a decade was indicted today for a federal crime.

David Dorman was Melissa's mayor from 1999 to 2009.

Today, we learn that during that time, he might have taken tens of thousands of dollars, to annex and sell land to a local businessman.

For ten years, a community trusted this man, former mayor of Melissa, David Dorman, to be their leader.

Today, some are questioning his actions, as he was indicted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for extortion.

He's accused of soliciting a $70,000 dollar bribe from local real estate broker John Christie, back in 2007.

Dorman led the city in annexing land from McKinney, which Christie allegedly intended to develop and sell.

Those who served with Dorman at the time say they had...

"No idea," Melissa City Manager Jason Little said.

"The land in question is approximately on the corner of state highway 5 and state highway 121," Little said.

Between February and May 2007, McKinney agreed to annex the land to Melissa.

A letter from Dorman, dated April 27, 2007, shows the agreement between cities, to annex the land and build water and sewage infrastructure.

"Back in 1983, the city of Melissa and McKinney had entered into a boundary agreement, where the line essentially cut through one parcel where one owner had half his land in the city of Melissa and half his land in the city of McKinney," Little said.

Jason says that at the time, the annexation made sense and seemed like a normal city procedure.

The indictment says John Christie wanted to develop and sell the land to customers, but right now, the land sits vacant.

"Currently the land is undeveloped and there's no plans at this point for anything to occur there," Little said.

John Christie of Frisco is charged with misprision of a felony. Documents show he paid Dorman $10,000 dollars in cash.. And $20,000 dollars in checks.

"John's a local real estate broker so we see him from time to time. He has listings within the city of Melissa, but we haven't dealt with him specifically," Little said.

Dorman is facing up to 20 years in federal prison. Christie faces up to three years.

Jason Little says the city has been and will continue to cooperate fully with the FBI.

Davilyn Walston with the U.S. Attorney's Office says this is an on-going investigation.

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