Bryan Co. dead dog discovery under investigation

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YARNABY,OK---Bryan County investigators are looking into the death of some dogs found decomposed in a dumpster.

This is what Bryan County Sheriff's investigators discovered on march 26th in a dumpster behind a house on Yarnaby road.

Four dead dogs that Special Investigator Nathan Calloway says had probably been dead for more than a month.

"To kill all four of your otherwise known healthy dogs is very unusual." said Calloway.

Calloway says he had been to the house several times over the past few months for unrelated issues and had seen the dogs alive not long ago.

"I recall seeing the dogs, and they seemed from what I recall being fairly healthy and active dogs." said Calloway.

Calloway says the main suspect in the dogs' death is the owner's wife Shannon Pittman who moved to Georgia two weeks ago.

"It bothers me a lot; I had an attachment to the dogs." said Adam Pittman.

Adam Pittman is the dogs' owner. He says he and his wife Shannon are in the process of getting a divorce and he thinks his wife killed the dogs to spite him.

"She was the only one here; she was supposed to be taking care of the dogs." said Pittman.

"I drive by here, I see the dogs, see buzzards out here trying to get to them; they done eat one." said Jerry Chesier.

Jerry Chesier lives nearby and says he's known the Pittman's for two years.

"Someone needs to be held responsible, I'm not sure who." said Chesier.

Calloway says if they decide to charge Shannon Pittman, she will be extradited back to Bryan County. In the meantime, Pittman just wants justice for his dogs.

"I'm not sure what the penalties are, but whatever they are, something needs to get done."said Pittman.