Friends and family remember Bob Hillerby

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SHERMAN, TX -- Funeral arrangements have been set for a Grayson County veteran killed in a motorcycle accident Friday. The service for 69-year-old Bob Hillerby will be held at 2 p.m.this Thursday at Fusion Bible Church. Tuesday Kristen Shanahan spoke with close friends and family who share the legacy he has left behind.

Bob Hillerby's mission was to leave no veteran behind.

"Now my whole purpose in life is that I don't want a single veteran out there to waste 45 years of their life the way I did," Hillerby said.

That was Hillerby back in August. He suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but his family says he used his experiences to help veterans young and old to battle the illness.

"He was called by God to help these guys who were coming back with problems," Hillerby's wife, Alice, said.

Problems he helped fellow veterans face by creating and instructing a peer-to-peer group.

"It took a lot of his time, I mean his personal time and he wasn't getting paid for it," Hillerby's son, David, said.

Doc Blevins was part of Hillerby's PTSD group and says it is thanks to Hillerby that he is here today.

"He didn't just change my life, during that process of changing he saved my life," Blevins said. "The peace that he brought me. The acceptance that he had that I was so far from. The way he looked at things changed my perspective."

"I think that helped him, being able to help other people," David said.

Hillerby was a combat photographer in the Vietnam War and it was only a few years ago he learned he had PTSD. His son David says before he got help he was a troubled man.

"He had anger issues," David said.

"Always wondered why he came back and others didn't," Alice said.

After Hillerby started helping others fight the battle in their minds, Alice says her husband realized why his journey was not supposed to end in Vietnam.

"He had this mission, and he's worked at it and he's helped so many people and I just want that work to go on," Alice said.

Blevins says Hillerby's work will continue.

"We are not going to give up until that last man comes home," Blevins said.

The family is continuing Hillerby's work by asking people not to send flowers for the funeral, but to send money instead. The funds will be used help people suffering from PTSD.

Donations can be sent to the address below.

In memory of Robert Hillerby
4900 Texoma Parkway
Sherman, TX 75090
VVA 973 PTSD Group