Historic Ardmore building collapses after a truck hits a support beam

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ARDMORE, OK - Officials said the front of a buliding at the corner of Broadway and Washington streets came tumbling down when a pickup truck crashed into it Wednesday afternoon.

"There was a load-bearing wall about in the center it was like two garage doors, overhead doors, and he t-boned it," said Nick Diaz, Ardmore development services director.

Jim Bowman has worked across the street for 28 years and saw what happened after the crash.

"All of a sudden there was a crack and the roof started shifting and just came down with a big cloud of dust," said Bowman.

No one was reported injured in the accident or the collapse. The building was home to Confetti's--a children's entertainment business. Confetti's declined to comment, but building owner Tim Longest said that business is just the most recent incarnation in the building's 105 year history.

"It was historically known as the VFW building for about the last 63 years, up until a couple years ago," said Longest.

Longest said he's meeting with engineers Thursday morning to discuss demolishing the building.

"It'll no doubt need to be taken down to get it cleared off," Longest said.

Bowman said he'll have to get used to the change in his everyday scenery.

"It's going to be a blank corner for a while," said Bowman.

And while Longest said it's just a building he's still disappointed to let go of this piece of the past.

"It's a shame, it had some really neat architecture I mean the exterior and interior was in really good shape for a 105 year old building," Longest said.