Fundraiser Held for Eagle Scout Hopeful

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK -- A Johnston County boy scout is receiving help from his community as he's running out of time to achieve his dream of becoming an eagle scout.

The Coleman Community Foundation held a lunch and silent auction Sunday at the community center for 14-year-old boy scout Brandon Burleson, who hopes to soon be called an eagle scout.

Brandon says, "I've worked for this a long time and it means a lot".

Burleson is not only facing the normal challenges scouts face when trying to achieve the coveted ranking. He's also up against a time restraint as he aims to complete a project that he has to fund and oversee before receiving the title.

Burleson added, "We thought we were going to have two years to raise the money which is going to be about a 8 to 10,000 dollar project."

Burleson's mom says after the Boy Scouts of America adopted a new policy allowing openly gay youth to be a part of the organization, the church that sponsors Burleson's unit, decided to drop the charter when the law takes effect in January.

Burleson's mom added, "I totally stand behind the church also totally stand behind my son and him wanting to complete this eagle project."

Burleson decided he would fund and build a new basketball court at the community center as his eagle scout project.

Burleson said, "Some of my friends and a bunch of kids in Coleman come out here and play but they trip and fall in the holes and stuff."

Coleman resident Riley Wilson, who turned out to support Burleson Sunday, says he can't wait for the court to be finished.

Wilson said, "I'm hoping me and my friends will be able to play basketball now. There's no where else to play basketball".

His father and scoutmaster, Gary Burleson, says his son's project idea makes him proud.

Burleson's father added, "That is one thing he told me, he says dad, I want the other kids to whenever they grow up, they'll have something that'll be here for a long time that they can continue to play with and enjoy."

To find out how you can help Burleson build a new basketball court at the community center, call: 580-916-5966.

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