Funeral held for ECU student-athlete Christopher Lane

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ESSENDON, AUSTRALIA -- Mourners gathered for the funeral of slain ECU student-athlete Christopher Lane.

They convened at a church in Australia..

Lane's casket was draped with an Oklahoma flag.

Lane's girlfriend, Sarah Harper, was also in attendance.

The 22-year old was killed on Friday August 16, when he was randomly shot in the back and killed in Duncan, Oklahoma.

Chris Lane's sister spoke at the funeral about his second family in Oklahoma.

Lane's sister said, "Since meeting Sarah on her visit to Australia, a lot of the worry about him being miles away were diluted. Christopher was lucky enough to have not one family, but two. The Harper's looked after Christopher and loved Chris as he loved them in return. While I'm sure they had to listen to why Australia is a better place, I think in an effort to convince Sarah to live here, we cannot express how comforted we are knowing that Christopher had such supporting, friendly, and fun second home."