GAPS voting mistake means too many vote for Ardmore propositions

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In Tuesday's election too many people in Carter County had their say on the GAPS propositions. That's because 98 carter county voters who don't live in Ardmore voted on propositions only for the city.

Carter County Election board secretary Helen McReynolds explains.

"Everybody was so busy and they were just handing out both ballots," McReynolds said.

The mistake happened in Precinct 17. That precinct falls mostly within Ardmore city limits, but some of it covers outside areas. McReynolds said the voters themselves brought the problem to light.

"Some people started handing back the city of Ardmore's ballots saying they weren't in the city of Ardmore," she said.

McReynolds got a call about the mixup at 2:30, but after arriving at the polling place volunteers had stopped handing out both ballots to all voters. GAPS chairperson Jessica Pfau says she isn't concerned.

"If it had been more than one hundred votes I think that maybe it would've been a little different," Pfau said.

But as it stands, the extra votes have no effect on the outcome. The closest GAPS proposition asked for a half-cent city services sales tax. It passed with 240 votes. Even if all 98 votes had said no, the measure still would have passed. That's why Pfau says to her, it isn't a big deal.

"I just think it's ok," said Pfau. "I really do."

But as for McReynolds she's determined to maintain the integrity of future elections.

"I'm sorry it happened," said McReynolds said. "We'll try not to ever let it happen again."

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