G.W. Zoo owner responds to PETA after a chimpanzee dies

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WYNNEWOOD, OK -- The G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood is once again under fire from PETA after what they are calling a mysterious death of one of the zoo's animals.

"You know, it was hard to deal with. Losing a family member and trying CPR and not being successful and it bothers you," said the owner of the GW Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Joe Schriebvogel. He says the recent death of Bongo, one of his female chimpanzees, has been a tough loss and one he didn't see coming.

Schriebvogel says, "During lunch time I came out to work with them and shift them to clean their cage and she stood up and came walking to me and just completely fell over. Just like you would with a heart attack or something else."

Schriebvogel, who is also country music artist "Joe Exotic", posted this video online he says to show how much he cared for Bongo.

But PETA claims the chimp's death should be investigated by the USDA.

"Here we have a chimpanzee who appears to have not received any veterinary care when she was apparently ill, who may have been confined with an incompatible cage mate," said Winders.

Schriebvogel said, "You know, the USDA has been here inspecting me at least 4 or 5 times a year since they've been here and if the USDA didn't think they were compatible they would've made me move them and separate them years ago."

PETA also says the animal park is to blame for the death of 23 tiger cubs over a period of seven months in 2010, which they say is still undergoing investigation.

"First of all, I don't like to even entertain PETA's comments or accusations because A. First of all, they're false. And this is how they make their money, is getting on the internet and spreading crap around," said Schriebvogel.

Winders said, "Currently we are just asking the USDA to do its job and really asking how many animals need to die at this facility before it will do something meaningful."

Schriebvogel says, despite PETA's allegations, business at the zoo will go on as normal.

He said, "The public that comes here loves what we do and that's all we're concerned about."

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