Steven K. Fleming Public Safety Center rededication

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GAINESVILLE, TX - It's been six months since the Gainesville police department lost their chief in an accident that saddened the department and the entire community.

Friday afternoon they rededicated their Public Safety Center to the man who meant so much and left behind a lasting legacy.

Dozens of people showed up to the official rededication of the Steven K. Fleming public safety center.

The Gainesville police department named the center after Chief Fleming to show that while he's no longer here he will never be forgotten.

The Gainesville community gathered Friday afternoon to remember one of their own and also celebrate the lasting impact he left behind.

The Gainesville public safety center was officially rededicated and named after Steven K. Fleming. Their police chief who died in November of last year.

City manager Barry Sullivan said there was overwhelming support for this tribute.

"Steven's loss was hard everybody. But it would make Steven proud how everyone has gathered together. It brought everyone closer together and instead of falling apart, sort of rapidly falling apart shortly after it happens like a lot of times in these situations, we've continued to hold together closer as a family and as a unit," said Barry Sullivan, Gainesville city manager

Chief Fleming was working in the departments evidence room in Late October of last year when he fell from a ladder and died from his injuries a week later.

He worked for the Gainesville police department for 22 years and new chief Kevin Phillips said Fleming was known best for his integrity.

"As you can can tell by the turnout here again today, he was well respected by the community, and we think this is a very fitting tribute in honor to the chief," said Kevin Phillips, Gainesville police chief.

The department also unveiled a new plaque in Fleming's honor that hangs in the main lobby of the public safety center as a reminder of the character Fleming instilled in the department.

"The full purpose is not only to name the facility in memory of him. Its to set an example for everyone else who will ever work in this facility to uphold his legacy," said Sullivan.

"We've always felt like the police department had the support of our community. Once again Chief Fleming was well loved, well respected and I think it shows that," said Phillips.

The Steven K. Fleming public safety center houses both the police and fire departments.