Gainesville council approves economic incentive for Texas Juvenile Justice Dept. employees

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- Tuesday the Gainesville city council approved a $60,000 incentive to the Gainesville State School for employee relocation.

Due to funding issues in the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, the Corsicana State School may close soon.

To bring more well-paying jobs to Gainesville, the Gainesville Economic Development Corporation is offering Corsicana employees relocation assistance. Up to 30 state school employees could receive a $2,000 incentive to move to Gainesville.

"I hope the employees know that we welcome them to the Gainesville area," Mayor Jim Goldsworhty said. "Two, the juvenile justice department we hope that it shows that we really do take serious and appreciate the fact that they're here in our community."

The decision to close the Corsicana campus won't be made until September.

Currently, the Gainesville State School employs about 350 people.

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