Gainesville construction will last several months

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GAINESVILLE, TX - if you drive through the city you've probably noticed some roadwork or been faced with delays and detours. City officials said those disruptions may last longer than they initially expected.

City Manager Barry Sullivan said construction is underway on Broadway, one of Gainesville's major thoroughfares.

It's an extensive project and it could take a few months to complete so they're asking for drivers to be patient and cautious.

crews are hard at improve utilities, road conditions, and drainage problems on Broadway street.

SOT: (city manager) "this culvert will take care of ten inch rains. Currently that area floods and by placing this in the area and we're hoping to reduce the amount of water people will be getting in their house or eliminate it...and most rains." (::13)

Last week the city closed both Broadway and California for construction. California was reopened to traffic Tuesday evening but the residential area of Broadway remains closed from Elmwood to California.

"Here in the near future the entire street will be closed to thru-traffic because they're going to have to continue that drainage culvert down the road, plus replace other utilities in the area. Then we will be replacing the entire street and the curb and gutter," said Sullivan

Sullivan said once the project is complete they will then lay down a new concrete road that will smooth out road conditions and last a lot longer.

But in the meantime, residents will have to be patient.

"It's expected to be closed for the next few months," said Sullivan

Sullivan said the road needs to remain closed primarily for public safety reasons.

People who live in a nearby apartment complex say they don't mind the construction and are just glad its getting done.

"Obviously it's going to disrupt and hinder some services, such as the ambulances going to the nursing home at a quicker response time. But other than that. I don't see too much of a problem with it," said Derrik Meador, a Gainesville resident.

"I think that it's good that the work is being down," said Nancy Lowery, a Gainesville resident.

Sullivan said the city will work closely with residents who live in or close to the construction site.

They will frequently keep them updated with detours and make sure city services are not disrupted.

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