Gainesville man found guilty of injury to a child in death of girlfriend's son

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- Jurors found a Gainesville man guilty Thursday of injury to a child in the death of his girlfriend's son.

Johnny Earl Alexander was found guilty in Cooke County Court Thursday.

Back in September of 2011 4-year-old Nathan De Alejandro died of burns to his 60% body that authorities say went untreated for 2 weeks.

During the trial, the medical examiner testified the boy had been intentionally burned.

The punishment phase starts Friday.

Since Alexander has already been convicted and served prison time on a prior charge of injury to a child he now faces a stiffer sentence of 15-years to life in prison.

Nathan's mother, Catrina Maldonado was already sentenced to life in prison.

Johnny Earl Alexander's parents, Johnny Lee and Matilde Alexander, are serving eight years in prison.

We will bring you more from the sentencing on News 12.