Gainesville man sentenced to life in prison in connection with death of girlfriend's son

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- Johnny Earl Alexander was sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty of first degree injury to 4 year-old Nathan De Alejandro back in 2011.

Nathan's grandmother says it has been a tough and emotional journey for the family but they are relieved it's finally over.

"I'm glad they did," Debbie Ramirez said. "They did their job very well, for myself. He got what he deserves. He cannot come back out and hurt another family member, child, or anyone else for that matter."

Alexander will be eligible for parole in 30 years and is the last person sentenced in connection with Nathan's death.

Catrina Maldonado, Nathan's mother, is serving a life sentence for first degree injury to a child. Alexander's parents are also serving 8 years in prison.

Investigators say Nathan was found unresponsive and with serious burns covering more than 60 percent of his body, two weeks before his death.

Cooke County District Attorney, Janice Warder, says nine medical examiners were involved in the investigation.

"As a prosecutor, I have never seen anything that looked anything like this. It's something that you expect to see in a war zone," Warder said.

Defense Attorney, Bob Jarvis, who represented Alexander, says he believes it was an unfair trial.

"He was supposed to be tried on if he had the sole custody and care and the authority to get medical treatment for Nathan, but instead we talked about how Nathan got burned and whether it was intentional or not and that wasn't the case we were suppose to try," Jarvis said.

Jarvis says Alexander plans to appeal his sentence.

For now, Nathan's family says they're pleased with the jury's decision.

"Now I feel that Nathan can rest in peace and we can move on and have a little more peace now, and try to go on with our lives," Ramirez said.

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