Gainesville pool open for business

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- Swimmers in Gainesville now have a place to cool down.

The ribbon was cut at Leonard Park Aquatic Center Thursday afternoon, marking the pool open for business.

City leaders, including the mayor, took a dip. When the original pool was opened about 65 years ago, the mayor at the time took the first dive. So, this time current city leaders decided to keep the tradition.

"I was aware of the history of that 65 years ago. I didn't know until yesterday I was going to take part in it. So, I tried to be a good sport, and I was happy to do it," mayor Jim Goldsworthy said.

The pool was originally scheduled to open June first, but construction delayed that. They say they'll be keeping it open into the fall as long as they can.

The $2.4 million facility is home to splash buckets, multiple water slides, a rock climbing wall and more.

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