Gainesville postal worker retires after 42 years

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- Gainesville postal workers and residents said farewell to a longtime employee and friend today.

Terry Hutchison has worked for the postal service for 42 years. He's retiring and we caught up with him Friday on his last day. Dozens came by to wish him well.

When Hutchison started working for the post office, a stamp was just $0.08. He says over the years he credits technology for making his job much easier.

"You had to work by hand and you know if you had a lost letter it'd take weeks to figure out what happened to it. But now you look it up on the computer because most everything has a barcode or tracking number," Hutchison said.

He says what he'll miss most are all the people he's been privileged to greet each day. He plans to spend his time off doing some more fishing.

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