Gainesville summer camp in the swing of things

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- A Gainesville music camp is getting in the swing of things.

Katie Crawford has been coming to Big Texas Swing School at North Central Texas College in Gainesville since it began 3 years ago.

"I really love playing with the whole band. And getting vocal lessons is really nice and we have a theory class everyday and I really want to be like a music theory major in college. And so I love having the music theory class cause I really don't get to learn theory anywhere else," said Crawford.

The summer program offers musicians from age 10 to 17 the chance to learn Texas music.

"It was a way to keep our music, texas music and western swing music alive and well. Going for young people and to help perpetuate the music itself. it's a great art form," said Dave Alexander, Camp Director.

This year, the camp has about 18 kids involved, learning how to become a musician.

Colby Sheppard is 10 years old and has been coming to the camp for 2 years and he doesn't just keep coming back for the music.

"There's wonderful teachers here. They're just. They're awesome. (...) I have a lot of friends here. Its just loads of fun," said Sheppard.

Saturday, the students will hold a "Grand Concert" which is open to the public, at the NCTC's First State Bank Center for the Performing Arts at 1 p.m. But camp organizer, Dale Alexander doesn't think this will be the only time to see these kids play.

"A lot of these will go on professionally. cause there are some really great players," said Alexander.

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