Gainesville's bond construction begins

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The city of Gainesville will start construction on a nearly $8 million project tomorrow to help rebuild the city's streets and infrastructure.

The residents of Gainesville have seen their streets deteriorate over the years.
But previous bond packages passed by voters are finally about to make an impact.

"Through this entire process we're replacing your water mains, your sewer mains. We're installing a lot of drainage that we haven't had historically throughout the city and we are also replacing the streets," said Gainesville city manager Barry Sullivan.

Construction is set to start Wednesday for bond packages that passed in 2010 and 2012, totaling $7.9 million.
Four years ago the city got serious about rebuilding Gainesville's infrastructure.
They did a study on every street, looking at the current condition of each one and the cost to improve them.

"We focused on the top 17 streets in that program and that was how these particular projects were selected," said Sullivan.

The project will first start with four blocks of MLK and then move to a small section at Red River.
The last phase of the project consists of improvements to Broadway.
That work is expected to start after the school year ends.

"We have on purpose are going to wait until June to do that because we have an elementary school right close to that location and we thought it would be better for us and better for the community not to close that street down," said Sullivan.

"Down here on Broadway it's to improve the drainage. They say if they get a hard rain it floods real bad and that kind of the purpose of it," said Steve Hightower, contractor superintendent.

The city says it will replace all the streets with concrete, which last longer than asphalt.
The project is expected in be completed in January of next year.