Gene Autry family loses home in fire

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GENE AUTRY, OK - Red Cross is assisting a Carter County family after they lost their home in a fire Tuesday night. Firefighters said it happened around 8 p.m. off Pleasant Road in Gene Autry.

The Johnson family said they are literally left with nothing but their lives after their home burned to the ground.

The family was on their way home from church when they found out.

"We came from the revival on top of the hill and saw the flashing lights," Nakeisha Johnson said. "The fire engine lights, the sheriff's lights. That's how we found out."

Everice Johnson said he, his wife Nakeisha and their three kids had lived in the home for ten years. For them, it is not as much about the lost house, but the lost photos and memories.

"We're trying to take one step at a time and do a lot of praying," Everice Johnson said. "Trying to sort it all out."

Firefighters think a faulty water heater might have started the fire. The state fire marshal has not made an official ruling.

The Johnson's said the reality of the situation has not completely sunk in, but said they know their faith will get them through.

"I know God has got something in store for us," Everice Johnson said.

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