Gentlemen's club to open in Carter County

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The site of Carter County's first gentlemen's club is on Highway 70 a few miles outside Wilson.

The building is attached to the bar next door--which owner Angie Mapp said explains the name Badd Habits with Bare Assets. After she saw a similar club open up in Kingston she decided a year and half ago to give it a go.

"Just seen it coming in the area and I figured it's coming this way so I might as well be one of the first," said Mapp.

Oklahoma law doesn't allow full nude clubs. That means the 4 to 6 dancers who'll work Friday and Saturday nights will go topless with lingerie bottoms.

Even though Mapp hasn't unveiled her club yet, she says she hasn't experienced any opposition.

"I really don't care," said Wilson resident Scott Ficklin. "Everybody has their own perception about it, everybody has a right to make a living."

But others who live nearby said this isn't something that belongs in their community.

"That being that close here in town, is just not...not something that I'm really fond of or happy about," said Hillary Rodriguez, who also lives in Wilson.

But the show must go on for Mapp. She and her manager are putting on the finishing touches for the crowds they expect.

"It won't just be in this area, I think they're going to come from a ways to come and see this," said Mapp.