Germanfest in Muenster this weekend

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MUENSTER, TX-- In years past, Germanfest has brought more than 30,000 people to Muenster, TX during the three day event. Right now, they are getting ready for an even bigger crowd.

For baker, John Pollard, this weekend has been a long time coming.

"We prepare about two months in advance. And freeze the product raw and then take it out during the course of the fest and sell it. Because we'll sell close to two and a half tons of strudel this weekend, between here, fisher's meat market and our bakery."

Executive Director, for the Chamber of Commerce, John Broyles, said the town depends on the long-running festival for revenue.

"One of the focuses of Germanfest is to provide an outlet for the local service groups and school groups, to come in a raise money for their funding for the year."

But it's not just the non-profits that benefit, local businesses also make some dough.

Pollard said after people try his strudel, they can't stay away the rest of the year.

"The whole strudels go out with our name on them and a lot of people come back once they carry them off, it will be repeat business for the whole town, as far as people that sell product."

The 37th Annual Germanfest starts Friday afternoon and runs through Sunday.

BROYLES: "it's something for everybody. If you like rock 'n roll music, you'll love it, if you like Texas country music, you'll like it. We have a variety of foods here as well, American and German foods. There is something for everybody. We invite everybody out."