Golden Rule Elementary School closes doors for good after opening nearly a century ago

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DENISON, TX -- As the school year comes to an end, one Denison school will be closing it's doors for good after nearly a century.

Hundreds of people gathered in Golden Rule Elementary School Gymnasium Thursday night to celebrate the school that has been a big part of the Denison community.

Mary Ann Anderson was a student here back in 1942

"I remember the graduation, when we graduated, and then we would have recess and go out and play," Anderson said. "Just a lot of memories."

"This is a celebration but it's also a sad moment," said Superintendent, Dr. Henry Scott. "This school has served the community well and we've turned out a lot of great students."

A facilities committee recommended back in 2011 that the school be closed to save money. Superintendent, Dr. Henry Scott, said the campus had security problems and the building was old and inefficient.

Golden Rule opened in 1915 and moved into this building in 1922. Over the past century, Principal Karen Sawyer, estimates nearly 250,000 students have attended the school.

She says while the building may be demolished, the memories she's shared with teachers and students will remain.

"I know that my heart and soul are still here and it always will be," said Sawyer.

After the school closes in June, the building will be demolished and the gym and surrounding property will be donated to the Denison Boys and Girls club.

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