Governor Fallin declares November 14th winter weather prep day

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In Texoma it doesn't look like winter. Only a few trees have lost their leaves, and nature has painted the rest red and gold, but soon days could feature snow and ice.

Joe Rigney works in a hardware store and says many people wait too long to prep for snow and ice storms.

"They come running in when it's already been freezing and the pipes are frozen up and they're looking for heaters to thaw them," said Rigney.

But today isn't just about your house and car. It's also about what to do in a winter emergency, which can be just as important as prepping for other disasters.

"Just like you want to know where you're going to go in a tornado-- you're gonna run to the cellar," said Shelly Stahlbusch, Carter County Emergency Management deputy director. "Where are you going to go if you lose power because of an ice storm?"

the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management offers tips including: staying informed with emergency radios if power and cell phone towers go out. Plan with your family where to meet and what to do. And make an emergency kit with food, water and warm clothes.

So now's the time to get ready, when the weather still shows fall.

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