Grant agreement approved for NTRA runway expansion

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS --Grayson County Commissioners approved a grant agreement between TXDOT Aviation and North Texas Regional Airport this morning.

TXDOT Aviation will give NTRA $266,000 dollars to expand its runway north by about 38 acres.

The county will chip in $26,000 for the project.

Airport Director Mike Shahan says the runway expansion will allow pilots more room when landing and will ensure that the airport can grow as needed.

"With us being in control of that property, we won't develop it; there won't be buildings built on it and so forth. There are a lot of airports in the country that are, their runways are shortened or their airports are closed because they didn't protect their approach zones," Shahan said.

Shahan says the airport might also look to expand the south end of the runway in years to come.

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