Grasshoppers invade areas of Texoma

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Grasshoppers are invading areas of Texoma this summer making it one of the worst seasons for the bugs that people have seen.

Sue Gameway lives in western Grayson County and her property is crawling with grasshoppers.

"Essentially you get pelted. Right now it's popping up about 10 grasshoppers per square foot. Sometimes more, sometimes a little less," Gameway said.

Gameway says the insects have stripped branches clean and have eaten all the berries out of a bush. Gameway says the grasshoppers are more than just a nuisance, she says the bugs can be costly.

"To a certain extent they will compete with the good grasses for your horses and cows. So if you get enough of them, you can run in to where you will have to start feeding hay," Gameway said.

"The grasshoppers are in such numbers that they're starting to cause damage to people's property," Jones said.

County Extension Agent Chuck Jones cites a few reasons for the jump in numbers.

"Hot dry summers, we've obviously had those. The second one is, is Falls that are warm and dry. We've had those. Springs that don't have very much rainfall," Jones said.

Jones says there are chemicals you can use to help get rid of the grasshoppers, but you need to be wary of what you are using.

"You're going to make sure you can spray it on whatever needs to be sprayed. If you need to spray it on turf it needs to say you can spray it on turf," Jones said.

For those who do not want to use chemicals will have to wait for things to cool off outside. If you are experiencing a grasshopper problem you can call your county extension office for the best products to use based on your specific situation.