Grayson Co. Sheriff's Office Shows New Security System

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GRAYSON CO., TX - The Grayson County Jail shows News 12 its new, state of the art security system.

The Grayson County Sheriff says this special type of control room is helping them better monitor inmates in the jail's new wing.

Sheriff Keith Gary says it's a new concept, and he believes his is the only office in Northeast Texas using the technology.

They call it "The eye in the sky."

"That's a nickname, but it's a concept that's going to grow with other places," said Grayson County Sheriff Keith Gary.

It's an elevated security surveillance control room. Sheriff Gary says it allows them to monitor community areas in the jail with a minimal number of officers.

"You just don't have to have several officers because again, you can do it with about two officers so it's a great savings to the tax payer in essence," said Gary.

The eye in the sky can monitor well over one hundred cameras used throughout the facility. Using those cameras, officers can zoom in closely to monitor inmates, as well as objects, and get a clear picture.

They say this helps improve security, as well as inmate safety.

Gary says he's most proud of the fact that they built the connected facility without incurring debt, and did not have to use extra taxpayer money.

"We didn't owe one penny on this part, the new part of the jail, and so I'm very pleased that we can present this information to the tax payers," said Gary.

He says he first saw this concept in Belton, Texas, and he believes more sheriff's offices are going to start implementing this type of security.

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