Grayson Co. employment outlook

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Fewer Americans applied for unemployment benefits last month, and according to a Bloomberg private poll, employers stepped up their hiring in August.

In July, the unemployment rate in Oklahoma was 4.9 percent and in Texas 7.2 percent. August's numbers will come out Friday.

While there has been an increase in jobs, a Bloomberg poll predicts the national unemployment rate will remain at 8.3 percent.

But in this area, employment agencies say they've been seeing a positive trend.

For many, the job hunting process isn't easy.

"I applied maybe about ten at Denison, about five in Sherman, and then my husband works in Bonham so a couple there and no response," new NOVO 1 employee, Heather Swink said.

Swink finally landed a job at NOVO 1 in Denison, but she says it took a while.

"About a couple months before I was able to find a job," Swink said.

Employment agency manager, Belinda Spears, said the last two years have been the best since 2006 -- in the Grayson county area.

"We have probably more jobs than we have the people," Spears said.

Bob Rhoden with Texoma Workforce Solutions agrees. Spears says Express Employment Professionals in Sherman actually needs more job applicants, which rarely happens. She attributes it to the increase in companies moving to the area.

"Well, you have some new businesses coming. There's a lot of activity happening in the Denison area. You see some new companies moving in. But your manufacturing companies are adding more employees on there," Spears said.

Other companies are too. Last month, NOVO 1 announced it would hire 100 more employees.

"We've received over 500 applications since making that announcement," director Leila Lassetter said.

Site director Leila Lassetter said she receives five to ten job applications each day and many applicants already have jobs.

"You know a lot of them are employed and they're either looking for a secondary income to supplement their lifestyle. Or, they're looking for a more permanent solution," Lassetter said.

Spears did say because seasonal jobs are coming to an end, there could be a small spike in unemployment in the area. But, for the last two years, she said Grayson county has seen the number go down.

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