Grayson College tests campus emergency preparedness plan

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DENISON, TX - Grayson College has been working to improve its emergency preparedness plan over the last few years, and today students and faculty put that plan to the test with campus-wide severe weather and lockdown drills.

Professor Steve Black and his Arts class knew exactly where to go when they received alerts for a severe weather drill at Grayson College Thursday morning. They took action immediately, relocating to the closest restroom, which is a designated storm shelter area.

The alert system uses emails, classroom computers, outdoor warning sirens, and text messages to get the word out about a possible emergency.

Professor Black says these drills are important--so when a real disaster strikes, students, faculty and staff know what to do.

"We're pretty much in a tornado zone here so its extremely crucial that everybody is aware that there are safe places," said Professor Black.

"When it's not a drill there's a little heightened anxiety and we understand that that's gonna be in a real situation, we're just really proud of them. Every time we do a drill we learn something," said Marketing and public information director Shelle Cassell.

Cassell says thanks to the College's new emergency preparedness plan, now every building has a designated shelter area and they're clearly marked with signs.

After just a few minutes in the shelter area--Professor Black got the "OK" to go back to class.

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