Grayson County Drug Court's grant approved

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GRAYSON CO., TX - Grayson County Commissioners approved a grant Tuesday which will support the County's Adult recovery court for the 9th straight year. News 12's Daniella Rivera spoke to the judge who runs the drug court, and a woman who says the program changed her life.

The old Amy Walden was addicted to drugs, and led police on a high speed chase with her children in the car.

"I had lost my children, my family didn't have my back because of the horrible things I had done in my addiction. I was a lost empty soul," said Walden.

She had hit rock bottom. But today, just a few years later, Walden says "I have my own business I have my children back, I have a wonderful husband."

She says Grayson County's drug court helped turn her life around.

"I wouldn't have my kids...I probably wouldn't be alive--that's how bad it was for me," said Walden.

Judge Rim Nall presides over Grayson County's drug court, which has been operating since 2005 to help drug abusers fight their addiction. He says, " Typically you can't send a drug addict to prison and expect them to come back and they're no longer a drug addict. The theory is you try to solve the person's problem as opposed to just incarcerating the person."

Those in drug court have to get drug tested a few times each week and attend counseling sessions.

"It's a pretty rigorous schedule for them," said Judge Nall.

He also says the don't use county money for the program.

Tuesday, Grayson County Commissioners approved a $147,000 STAR grant from the State, which now goes to the governor's office for approval.

Walden says she's grateful she went through the program, "The self esteem that I have now is amazing. I stand by drug court 100 percent."

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