Grayson County Runoff Tuesday

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SHERMAN, TX-- Incumbent Sheriff Keith Gary announced in October of 2011, he planned to run again and County Commissioner Johnny Waldrip announced his candidacy the following month.

Neither Gary or Waldrip got more than 50 percent of the vote, they headed to a runoff election.

Already, more people have cast early ballots in the runoff, than did in the May primary. 5,086 voters, compared to May's 1,1812.

There will be no Grayson County Sheriff election in November, because there's no democratic candidate to face the winner of the GOP runoff.

Waldrip and Gary both say they bring something different to the table.

"I understand how it works and I know how much money there is and I know how short money is. And so I think I can come in and get the best we can," Waldrip explained.

"If I win this I'll be a fifth termer, so it's not like I'll be walking in brand new, since we have been around for quite a while," Gary said.