Grayson County United Way's new health care initiative

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SHERMAN, TX -- Health Care is the number one concern of Grayson County residents according to the results of a survey done by the United Way. So this year, they're making that their number one priority.

For 35 years now, Loretta Pride has donated money and time to the United Way.

"It's a great organization and they help where its needed at," said Pride.

According to a new survey, the help is most needed in the area of health care.

Wednesday, Grayson County United Way CEO, David Cortinas, announced that they will devote two million dollars over the next two years to health care for those in need.

"This is the investment part. This is where the agencies bring us the programs that are most important to this community to address our biggest needs and then United Way invests the money in those programs," said Cortinas.

Over the next 6 months, a group of volunteers from the community will decide how much money the 18 United Way agencies will receive for the 2013 to 2015 funding period, and decide whether or not to add other agencies under the United Way umbrella.

"These funds from United Way allocated to Jack and Jill will mean more than I can actually speak for. We are in dire need of funds to assist the overall operations of the facility," said Ms. Kay, executive director of Jack and Jill Childcare Center.

"They're very objective and very fair. So if you have the programs and services that deserve funding, you're likely to get it. And we're confident that what we do in the area will deserve funding," said Patrick Guarino, CPO for Boys and Girls Club of Denison.

"There are so many programs and so many agencies that do a lot of great work. What this allows us to do is to take the best of the best programs by the best agencies to deliver those programs to the people that need it the most," said Cortinas.

The United Way will notify each agency about what portion of the funding they will receive by May, and they should receive the funds in July.

"The United Way is truthful in what they do and they will help and they will make sure that the money is given to the best organization," said Pride.

To volunteer, contact the United Way at (903) 893 - 1920.

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