Grayson County declares state of disaster

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum declared a state of disaster Sunday.

Emergency Manager Sarah Somers says, because it is the end of the year and thus the end of the fiscal year, this unanticipated ice storm has caused a lot of damage and will have a big financial impact for the county.

The county made a preliminary assessment that they have had at least $5 million in damages.

The disaster declaration could help bring in state and federal funding for county repairs.

"There may be an avenue with the state and federal government that we can get some additional funds back into our community to lessen the hurt," Somers said.

Some Grayson County cities have also declared a state of disaster, including the city of Sherman.

Mayor Cary Wacker released a statement stating, "The City of Sherman has issued a Declaration of Local Disaster in response to Grayson County’s request to Governor Perry for disaster assistance. Sherman has and continues to incur significant personnel and material costs during the recent weather events. The City’s action has been taken to ensure that these and additional costs eligible for disaster assistance are considered by state and/or federal officials."

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