Grayson County sets mosquito traps

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Three cases of West Nile were confirmed this week in Grayson County, bringing the total number to 8.

One person in Lamar County has died from the virus. Now Grayson County officials show us the steps they're taking to track down the mosquitoes carrying the virus.

Mosquito traps have been placed in different areas around Sherman.

Once mosquitoes are trapped, they'll be sent off for testing.

Amanda Ortez with the Grayson County Health Department says there is a specific mosquito they're looking for.

"They come to it at night. They feed from dusk till dawn so we set these out in the evening and pick them up in the morning," mosquito specialist, Van Ulrich said.

Ulrich spent Thursday afternoon setting these mosquito traps.

"That emits C02 just like our bodies do and that's what attracts the mosquitoes. The dry ice and the C02," Ulrich said.

West Nile Virus cases in the county are what prompted officials to find the culprits. Five traps were set on Thursday.

"Our first priority with the mosquito trapping will be the actual block or the home of the first 5 cases reported within Grayson County," Ortez said.

Two kinds of traps will be used, but it's a specific mosquito they're after.

"Specifically we will be looking for the Culex pq mosquito. Also known as the Southern House mosquito," Ortez said.

That mosquito is believed to be the carrier of the virus. Ortez said they'll collect the traps Friday morning and send the mosquitoes off for testing.

"When we make that determination if they do, if they are in fact carriers. Then we can convey a stronger message to the public," Ortez said.

Right now, Grayson County has not declared West Nile to be an emergency.

"Here in Grayson County I think the citizens are being proactive and they're taking a stance to protect themselves. And that's what every individual can do," Ortez said.

The county will be setting traps inside each city in Grayson County.

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